Customer Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is based on solid-state security so that the item(s) you buy from here are well conserved while building a loyal relationship between us. Though, there might be many questions you want to ask and we’re always trying to give you a clear-cut guidance regarding your respective purchases from here. So here is a list of FAQs from many of our customers that are asked at regular basis. Go through these in order to understand our step-by-step privacy policy and how it’s upheld with rules and regulations.

  • What information do we collect?

We only collect your basic information required for you to make online purchases at our website.

Every bio-data detail, and other important info that we collect from our valued customers is globally legible to be applied whenever you want to buy something online. We collect your particulars such as your name, email address, postal address, and contact number that are a must when you place an order or sign up at our website. Moreover, you can also visit our website privately as well without the need of logging in to check out what we go in store for you guys.

  • Why we require your information?

We’re always working on our website to make it a better online platform for you guys. So in this regard, we’re always trying to analyze your given info as well as your reviews (testimonials) included to realize our potentials. In addition, your valuable recommendations really assist in making our website up to the minute and appealing while inspecting on any of our setbacks.

Furthermore, the details you share with us let our behind-the-scenes crew familiarized with your buying habits. Hence, giving you an easygoing shopping experience. In the process, we’re able to tackle any issues more effectively when faced by our valuable clients worldwide.

We never sell, transfer, exchange, or deal with someone with your personal details that are highly confidential in order to maintain a trustworthy relationship between us. However, some your basic information such as your mailing address and contact number will be given to the courier department for your article(s) shipment process.

  • How do we protect your information?

We apply wide range of security measures for the safety of your personal information. Each and every time you place your order, submit or access your personal details at our website by logging in or signing up. We always take strict measures to keep them well protected.

To make your transactions, we apply the methods of a secured server processing. In the mean process, your, all of your sensitive information like credit card and number or PayPal account is regulated via SSL (Secure Server Layer) and encrypted to our payment gateway dealer’s databank. They’re main job purpose is to securely archive your details and keep that confidential information well preserved from any intervention. We respect our customers and treat them just like our family.

We never keep your personal accounts like (credit card’s pin number, social security number, etc) once you’re purchase is carted in and finalized. Nonetheless, we keep some of your first-hand information such as your mailing address, email, and any other recorded purchase history (in specified midway systems) that assists us to make your future favorite online shopping projections.

  • Do we use cookies?

Definitely, we use cookies. Cookies are those miniscule files that get saved in your computer’s hard drive that are utilized by the system for prompt processing at regular basis. Besides, cookies help us in identifying our customers very easily and let’s our server back up the shipping regularities from your browser’s visit at our online store. In the meantime, we’re able to keep your consistent buying habits and methods well preserved with us, letting us offer you your best ones almost every time you visit our website for the same concerns.

  • Do we sale your information to other parties?

Absolutely NO! We never sale or take any sort of advantage with your sensitive information that you provide us like your name, email, mailing address, credit card number or any other personal details with any person or company. Though, non-evident personal recognizable info may be exchanged after strict background scrutiny of/with third parties and persons for secured advertisements and other promotions.

  • Do we use Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act?

Of course yes, and why we wouldn’t?! The COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) is protectively used due to a long listed complaints by customers, parents, and guardians. Our server doesn’t collect or process details sent by kids aged 12 years or below. Our website, products, and services are not directed to persons less than 13 years of age.

  • Where does this policy apply?

Above mentioned policy apples to the information that is collected online by any of our online servers, website, and employees. Remember, that this policy isn’t applied when you’re sending, collecting, or sharing any sort of information offline.

  • How do you agree with our policy?

By engaging on our website (buying, signing up, logging in), you (of your own accord) agree with our privacy policies.

  • How can you contact us for more information?

If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy or any other mentioned rules and regulation on our website. You can simply contact us via email and even submit any of your concerned enquiries at our Facebook page.

  • Who are we?

We’re a team of enthusiasts to create topnotch clothing for you guys. We “The Harley Quinn Jacket” team is always eager to offer you the best replica article(s) of your favorite character with best quality and price.

  • What else do you need to know?

Besides reading our privacy policy, don’t forget to go through our About Us, Return and Exchange Policy, and also Terms and Conditions. You’ll understand in a more clear way how the whole process works when buying from us.